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In-House Legal Services

Outsourcing of Legal department

Thanks to the experience gained in the business environment, the Firm has strong skills in providing  ongoing in-house legal services supporting the Clients in the management of the legal aspects that affect the business activity day-by-day (also through physical presence in the Clients office as in-house legal department).

The possibility of organizing and managing the in-house legal department in outsourcing grants to corporate Clients great flexibility based on the actual needs of the business and less costs (compared with the hiring of new employees and structuring an internal function).

The activities related to the in-house legal department in outsourcing are usually the following:

  • day-by-day legal support to the various company internal functions/departments
  • drafting of contracts
  • support in business negotiations
  • drafting corporate documentation and keeping of company books
  • compliance (Privacy – GDPR and Leg. Decree 231)
  • support to the human resources department, in the practice area of labor law (including disciplinary sanctions, disputes and litigation with employees)
  • credit management and collection
  • support in out-of-court disputes, as well as in-court litigations and lawsuits